What is CIQ doing?

Delivering your infrastructure.

CIQ is reimagining software infrastructure with community-driven Rocky Linux as its foundation stone.

Why? So that the creative intelligence of your organization—the value engine that drives excellence and competitiveness—will have greater freedom to do what it does best: from ground-breaking research to business-transforming innovation.

Migrate from CentOS to Rocky – Easy!

Rocky Linux, with enterprise-level support from CIQ, is now available on every major cloud platform.



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CIQ Unveils Advisory Board
CIQ Team

CIQ Unveils Advisory Board

We’re excited to announce our board of advisors, an exceptional group of professionals featuring veteran open source leaders with deep expertise in IT infrastructure, high performance computing (HPC), open source software, and business strategy. Our advisory board will play a pivotal role in guiding us as we build out the next generation of software infrastructure…

Stateless Provisioning of Stateful Nodes: Examples with Warewulf 4

Stateless Provisioning of Stateful Nodes: Examples with Warewulf 4

When deploying Warewulf 4, we often encounter expectations that Warewulf should support stateful provisioning. Typically these expectations are born from experience with another system (such as Foreman, XCAT, or even Warewulf 3) that supported writing a provisioned operating system to the local disk of each compute node. Warewulf 4 intentionally omits this kind of stateful…

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