Apptainer & Singularity

Secure & Performant Containers
Improving Software Infrastructure for Everyone

As Docker brought containers into enterprise, Singularity brought containers into HPC with a containerization strategy that just works for HPC architectures, security models, and use-cases.

About Apptainer

Application Containers for High Performance Computing

Application Containers:
While many container systems are built, designed, and optimized for microservices, Apptainer is for applications and computational use-cases.

Portable Jobs and Environments:
Apptainer allows you to bring your environments anywhere creating extreme portability from system to system.

Trusted supply chain / Immutable / Encrypted:
Absolute trust in your environment via cryptographic key validation and decryption.


  • Application and compute optimized containers
  • Compatible with all traditional HPC systems
  • Cryptographic container signing and validation
  • Container encryption and runtime decryption
  • Blocks privilege escalation
  • Supports all HPC file systems
  • Native support for all GPUs, FPGAs, architectures
  • Native support for all HPC workflows
  • Native support for OCI and Docker containers
  • Designed by HPC experts for HPC users

CIQ Enhancements

  • Enhanced security
  • Builds as a Service
  • Integration with CI/CD and DevSecOps
  • Integration with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Coming Soon

  • FIPS 140-3 certification

Singularity, now Apptainer, was created to bring the benefits of container computing to HPC use-cases and system architectures. Within months of release, Singularity was installed on the majority of HPC systems worldwide and facilitated new and innovative non-traditional HPC use-cases.

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Singularity was created by our founder to bring containers into traditional HPC use cases and centers.

Now that it has been moved into the Linux Foundation and renamed to Apptainer, CIQ is the official support and services provider for the original Singularity community project and now Apptainer.

We are the leading feature and innovation developers of both Singularity and Apptainer and here to help you.

Flexible support plans for your needs.

We support people, not sockets or cores. People.

Why? Because we believe in empowering people to do amazing things. When people succeed, teams succeed, when teams succeed, organizations succeed. We start where it matters most: with the people.

With this model, we don’t count systems, entitlements, cloud instances, virtual machines, or containers because they don’t count. It’s the people who count.


  • User Effort
  • Self Help Full Access
  • 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM PT
  • Email, Chat, Phone
  • Response Time < 6 Hours
  • System Administration Effort


  • User Effort
  • Self Help Full Access
  • 24 x 7
  • Email, Chat, Phone
  • Response Time < 2 Hours
  • System Administration Effort
  • Engineering/ Development Effort

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