CIQ Investors

CIQ enjoys the backing of leading technology investors, including Two Bear Capital and IAG Capital Partners.

Two Bear Capital

Two Bear Capital operates everywhere entrepreneurship thrives. We are a venture capital firm with offices in San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, and a home base in Whitefish, Montana, where the opportunities are bright and the thinking is clear. We invest in brilliant entrepreneurs who have breakthrough ideas. Together, we build enduring companies.

IAG Capital Partners

We endeavor to resolve a business’ capital needs in order to free management to execute on their business strategy. IAG has the resources and agility to help businesses navigate complex capital challenges. From early stage funding to recapitalizations or restructures, IAG can be a sole source of financing, lead investment rounds, or collaborate with other debt and equity investors.


OpenDrives is a company forged by necessity and a desire to solve hard technical problems.

Our founders couldn’t find enterprise storage that got the job done–so they designed their own solution to their technical challenges. Providing customers with innovative solutions to meet their operational needs is still hard-coded into our DNA.