Google and CIQ to Provide Best-in-Class Experience for Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is now part of GCP as a Tier 1, Google Optimized and supported operating system.

Google and CIQ partner to support your Linux needs.

“We asked ourselves, how do we bring the best value to everyone?” recalls Gregory Kurtzer, CEO of CIQ and Founder of Rocky Linux. “Through this partnership, anytime you use our Rocky Linux on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), both Google and CIQ jointly have your back! From the cloud platform itself, all the way through the enterprise operating system, every aspect of using GCP is supported by a single call to Google, and together, we are your escalation team.”

GO Rocky!

Google and CIQ for You

Google was the first cloud provider to offer Rocky Linux images as well as an early sponsor and partner of the Rocky Linux project as well as the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation.

CIQ is the founding support and services partner of Rocky Linux and a major contributor to the project.

Together, we unite to ensure the success of our joint customers and the community at large.

Customer First

Google and CIQ are both dedicated to the success of customers and the community, and that dedication compelled us to collaborate on the best-in-class turnkey and supported cloud solution for Enterprise Linux.

Together, we are here for you. The customers, the community, the people, and the teams who need a completely supported cloud platform.


Google Cloud customers can utilize Google’s support to get help for Rocky Linux as a primary Google offering!

Google’s support team and CIQ Linux experts unite to address customer issues and provide enterprise-grade support. In addition, Google and CIQ are working together to ensure that Rocky Linux images on Google Cloud will have the performance-tuning, specialized tools for easy migration and faster support for Google infrastructure.

Google Support

Use your existing GCP Support for any questions you have with Rocky Linux.

CIQ Escalation

We are Google’s escalation team, and we work together to solve any problems that come up.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more information about our partnership with Google, or if you are interested in working with us as well, please reach out to us and say hello!

At CIQ, we are here to enable customers, partners, and the community. Let us help and be part of your solution.

Check out the Google Blog about this partnership too:

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GCP & CIQ Webinar

We are excited to announce our partnership with Google Cloud Platform! In this webinar, Venkat Gattamneni from Google Cloud Platform will join us as we discuss Google Cloud and CIQ partnering to provide a first-class Linux experience and robust solutions for customers and the community.