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Find the Best Rocky Linux Mirrors for Your Location

Mirrors in Rocky Linux are copies of files or directories stored on different servers from the original. This reduces load on the main server and provides real-time backups of initial data used for distributing large files sets such as Linux distributions or software packages. Each mirror has its own archive of links that lead to their respective servers, and may include different types of mirrors (e.g. HTTPS, FTP, rsync). Mirrors reduce network traffic, improve access speed, and provide security through redundancy.

Rocky Linux mirrors are available around the world for fast and reliable downloads wherever you are. Choose your country or region to find the Rocky Linux mirrors closest to you.

Choose a Country:
Country Site Name Mirror Name
Argentina Sysarmy
Austria Alwyzon
Australia DataMossa
Australia Rackspace
Canada eSecureData Mirror
Canada Wolfpaw
Switzerland Puzzle ITC
Chile NetActuate
China Public Mirror of Chongqing University
China eScience Center, Nanjing University
China SDU-Mirrors
Costa Rica MirrorsUCR
Cyprus UCY/CS
Czech Republic Silesian university in Opava
Germany Freedif DE
Germany GWDG
Germany Plus.line AG
Germany University of Applied Sciences Fulda
Germany Netzwerge GmbH
Germany Amin Vakil
Germany xTom
Germany Theodore-von-Kármán Wohnheim Aachen
European Community CEDIA
European Community UTA
Estonia xTom Estonia
Spain RedIRIS
Spain Stackscale
Spain IFCA
European Union Eixam
France quelquesmots
France IN2P3 Computing Center
France RelouFR/Hivane
Great Britian Rackspace
Great Britian UK Dedicated Servers
Great Britian Vinters
Georgia Caucasus Online
Hong Kong Rackspace
Hungary Governmental Agency for IT Development
Hungary SzE – NetClub
Indonesia PT Nusantara Teknologi Semesta
Indonesia Telkom University
Iceland Origo
Italy GARR
Japan Yamagata University
Korea YJSoft
Korea AniGil Linux Archive
Korea Misaka Mikoto Network
Korea NAVER Cloud
Netherlands LiteServer
Netherlands Stackscale
New Zealand 2degrees
Portugal PTisp
Russia Yandex
Sweden Academic Computer Club
Sweden Lysator ACS
Sweden Admax AB
Taiwan TaiChung City Education Network Center
Taiwan HiNet IDC
United States Rackspace
United States ibiblio
United States Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation
United States Rackspace
United States Cogent Communications
United States VelociHOST
United States NodeSpace Hosting
United States Spry Servers
United States TeraSwitch Inc. – PIT1
United States Rochester Institute of Technology
United States West Chester University
United States tzulo
United States Rackspace
United States ACCRE at Vanderbilt University
United States EggyCrew
United States University of Colorado Colorado Springs
United States Deadbatteries
Vietnam Freedif VN

Last Update: 12-16-2022

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