Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: July 1, 2021.

Capitalized terms not defined in this Ctrl IQ Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) have the meanings set forth in the Ctrl IQ Master Subscription Agreement, between Ctrl IQ, Inc. (“Ctrl IQ”) and Customer.


    1. “Claim” means a claim submitted by Customer to Ctrl IQ pursuant to these SLA.
    2. “Incident” means any set of circumstances resulting in an observable or reproducible degradation or impairment of the Subscribed Services.
    3. “Urgent Issue” means any issue and/or problem in which the critical production systems of the Subscribed Services are unavailable, and customers are unable to perform core business functions. 
    4. “High Priority Issue” means any issue and/or problem in which the Subscribed Services are severely impacted and business functions are significantly impaired, though core functions remain operational.
    5. “Normal Priority Issue” means any non-urgent issue and/or problem that, while potentially impacting the Subscribed Services, does not prevent Customer’s use of the Subscribed Services in any material way and there is no significant loss of productivity.
    6. “Low Priority Issue” means any non-urgent requests by Customer related to the Subscribed Services or Ctrl IQ’s products or services generally. For example, purely informational requests, reports, usage questions, clarifications regarding documentation, or any feature enhancement suggestions.

    1. Ctrl IQ will provide Customer with access to an online customer support center where Customer may: (i) open a Claim; (ii) send Ctrl IQ information to aid in the resolution of any issues or problems with the Subscribed Services; (iii) check on the status of open Claims; (iv) track any correspondence between Customer and Ctrl IQ support engineers; and (v) access other informational resources to resolve issues with the Subscribed Services.
    2. Ctrl IQ will make available a dedicated team of telephone support engineers, to whom Customer may report and resolve potential issues.
    3. For security reasons, only Customer’s Authorized Users may submit Claims to Ctrl IQ.

    1. Ctrl IQ’s will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to any Claim within the response times set forth below, which times will vary based on the customer support plan purchased by and Customer and the severity of the Claim. Ctrl IQ is committed to providing a response within the timeframes described below, as measured from Customer initiation of a Claim. Customer’s support plan will be set forth on the applicable Order Form, or if silent, then the support plan will be the Standard Plan.
Urgent < 2 hour n/a n/a
High < 4 hours < 4 hours n/a
Normal < 1 business day < 1 business day < 1 business day
Low < 2 business days < 2 business days < 2 business days
  1. If Customer requests support in a manner greater than provided by their purchased support plan twice or more within a thirty (30) day window, Customer agrees that Ctrl IQ shall automatically upgrade Customer to the next tier plan and invoice Customer for the upgraded plan.
  2. In case of Urgent Issues which require immediate assistance, Ctrl IQ will provide emergency telephone, chat, and email support twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days a week with an initial response according to the above stated SLA. Online support is available on a 24/7 basis for all other Claims regardless of severity.

    1. Following Ctrl IQ’s initial response to a Claim, Ctrl IQ will work with Customer to identify and resolve any and all issues. Ctrl IQ will consider a Claim to be resolved if: (a) Customer agrees that the issue is resolved; (b) the source of the issue lies with a third party, in which case, Ctrl IQ will continue to assist Customer and act as a resource to Customer while Customer works with the third party to resolve such issue; or (c) Customer does not respond to a query or request from Ctrl IQ regarding an issue after seven (7) consecutive calendar days. Notwithstanding the foregoing, with respect to subsection (c) above, Ctrl IQ will re-open the issue if Customer contacts Ctrl IQ any time after the issue was deemed closed by Ctrl IQ to report that the issue has not yet been resolved.

    1. If Ctrl IQ fails to satisfy the required service levels set forth above in accordance with the Customer’s applicable support package (such failure, a “Service Level Failure”), Customer must provide Ctrl IQ with written notice of such Service Level Failure within (5) business days following the occurrence of such Service Level Failure. Customer must provide Ctrl IQ with reasonable details and sufficient evidence to support any Service Level Failure, including but not limited to, detailed descriptions of an Incident, the duration of such Incident, network traceroutes, the URL(s) affected, and any steps taken, or attempts made, by Customer to resolve the Incident. Upon receipt of such notice, Ctrl IQ will engage in good faith discussions with Customer regarding the appropriate remedy for the Service Level Failure.

    1. This SLA does not apply to any performance or availability issues:
      1. Due to events outside of Ctrl IQ’s control, including but not limited to, issues caused solely by: (a) Customer’s or its Authorized Users’ hardware, software or connectivity issues; (b) acts or omissions of Customer, its employees, agents, contractors, or vendors; or (c) a third party gaining access to the Subscribed Services by means of Customer’s Authorized Users’ accounts or equipment; and
      2. Caused by Customer’s misuse of the Subscribed Services after Ctrl IQ has advised Customer to modify such use, if Customer did not modify its use as advised.