Traditional HPC

Cluster as a Service
Improving Software Infrastructure for Everyone

CIQ provides a simple to deploy, turnkey computing stack for traditional HPC which includes: bare metal provisioning, operating system support, middleware, and containers.

Traditional HPC

100% Open Source Turnkey Traditional HPC

Open Source

Open Source software is not a company asset or marketing switch, rather it is a community first development and collaboration model. 

We believe that open source projects should never be controlled by a corporate entity, agenda, or held hostage to a business model. So when we decide to open source or contribute to a project, we believe in it with all of our heart, and put it outside the control of our corporate umbrella.

Our business model is simple, it is up to us to prove that we can help you and your organization through personal and meaningful support and services.

The Building Blocks of Traditional HPC, CIQ creates and maintains the base stack used pervasively throughout HPC.


Needs to do its job and stay out of the way. There should be no underlying system dependencies, changes or “stack” for the controller or worker nodes.


Used by hobbyists, researchers, scientists, engineers and systems administrators. This means that the CIQ Solutions must be simple to use and understand.


Highly flexible and can address the needs of any environment from a computer lab with graphical workstations, to under-the-desk clusters, to massive supercomputing centers providing traditional HPC capabilities to thousands of users.

Research | Simulation | Engineering and Development | Chip Design / EDA | AI/ML Training and Inference | Data and Compute Driven Analytics | Pharmaceuticals | Aerospace | Financial Services

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CIQ provides an inclusive traditional HPC computing stack based on proven technologies as a turn-key solution.

Simplify your HPC stack today using standardized open source components to power your research and computing needs.

We are here to help.

Flexible support plans for your needs.

We support people, not sockets or cores. People.

Why? Because we believe in empowering people to do amazing things. When people succeed, teams succeed, when teams succeed, organizations succeed. We start where it matters most: with the people.

With this model, we don’t count systems, entitlements, cloud instances, virtual machines, or containers because they don’t count. It’s the people who count.


  • User Effort
  • Self Help Full Access
  • 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM PT
  • Email, Chat, Phone
  • Response Time < 6 Hours
  • System Administration Effort


  • User Effort
  • Self Help Full Access
  • 24 x 7
  • Email, Chat, Phone
  • Response Time < 2 Hours
  • System Administration Effort
  • Engineering/ Development Effort

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