Cluster Management & Provisioning
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Warewulf is a bare metal, stateless, cluster provisioning solution to facilitate the operating system deployment and management of large quantities of clustered hardware resources.

About Warewulf

Cluster Management and Operating System Provisioning

Easy to change the default functionality, node images, and customize for any clustering use-case

From tens to tens of thousands of compute systems

Minimal system requirements, easy to get started, and simple to optimize, customize, and integrate

Stateless provisioning supporting SELinux, per-node asset key based provisioning, and access controls

Warewulf enables HPC applications and doesn’t get in the way


  • Extensible: Easy to change & customize for any clustering use-case
  • Scalable: From tens to thousands of resources
  • Easy: Minimal requirements and easy to get started
  • Secure: Stateless provisioning supporting SELinux, per-node asset keys, and access controls
  • Lightweight: Warewulf enables and doesn’t get in the way

CIQ Enhancements

  • CIQ as a Service Solutions
  • Turn-key OpenHPC

Coming Soon

  • FIPS 140-3 Certification
  • Graphical User Interface for Ease of Use
  • Imaging as a Service

Being open source for over two-decades, and pioneering the concept of stateless node management, Warewulf is among the most successful HPC cluster platforms in the industry with support from OpenHPC, contributors around the world, and usage from every industry..

Today, Warewulf unites the ecosystem with the ability to provision containers directly to the bare metal hardware at massive scale, simplistically while retaining massive flexibility.

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Warewulf was founded in 2001 and has been the dominant open source HPC cluster management solution because it solves the problems of cluster management and scale in a simple to implement manner.

Since its inception, it has been a cornerstone of HPC cluster systems worldwide, and CIQ is the official support and services provider for the community.

We’ve been further developing Warewulf to better support the container ecosystem and building turn-key cluster solutions for you.

Contact us to learn more about how Warewulf can help you manage your Linux cluster needs.

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