Webinar: Origins and Changes to Singularity and Apptainer

Webinar: Origins and Changes to Singularity and Apptainer

In this webinar, we will dive deep into the origins and changes to Singularity and Apptainer.  Singularity (now Apptainer), was created by our founder Gregory Kurtzer, to bring the benefits of container computing to HPC use-cases and system architectures. Within months of release, Singularity was installed on the majority of HPC systems worldwide and facilitated new and innovative non-traditional HPC use-cases.

The open source Singularity project has been moved into the Linux Foundation and renamed to Apptainer to better integrate with container innovations and infrastructure capabilities coming out of enterprise, cloud, and hyper-scale like OCI and CNCF. 

Apptainer/Singularity is used pervasively throughout HPC centers as well as other community projects and even commercial vendors. Kurtzer, as well as the top most feature developers of Singularity are all part of CIQ to help drive Apptainer forward and CIQ provides enhanced capabilities to customers and partners.

Looking for support, feature development, or value adds for Apptainer? 

We prefer to support people, not sockets or cores.  We have two main strategies that will enable your organization to achieve the outcomes that they are seeking.  We can align our teams:

  • By the Person (# of People engaging CIQ Solutions) Unlimited Servers, VMs, Containers & Cloud
  • By the Node or Instances (# of Servers or Instances, # People engaging CIQ Solutions)  Includes VM’s, Containers & Cloud

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