Spotlighting the Rocky Linux Community

This live discussion will spotlight the Rocky Linux team leads and community members. Rocky Linux was created for the community, by the community.

We love hearing from you! The Rocky Linux experts will be answering your questions live throughout the discussion. 

About Rocky Linux: Community Enterprise Linux The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation is designed to be a community driven, controlled, and architected OS that will stand the test of time.

Compatibility: Rocky Linux is 100% compatible with Enterprise Linux which makes it a simple, drop-in solution.

Stability: A community of vested individuals, organizations and enterprises of every shape and size provides True Stability.

Every Cloud, Every OEM, Every ISV: Our vision from the beginning is to have every cloud, every OEM, every component and every ISV vested, compatible and partnering for the good of everyone.

The Ethos of CIQ & The Name of Rocky: CIQ is committed to empowering everyone to do what they do great. Rocky McGaugh, CentOS co-founder and namesake of Rocky Linux, was great at Linux and it is important that everyone know their contributions make a difference in this world.

To learn more, email us at [email protected]