Fuzzball Enables HPC 2.0: Cloud-Native Federated Supercomputing

“Push-Button” High Performance Computing That Gets Out of the Way

Fuzzball simplifies and automates High Performance Computing (HPC) so that you can spend less time hassling with computers, and more time doing your actual job, whether that is scientific research, modeling, or machine learning/AI.

Easy-to-Build Workflows

In Fuzzball, workflows provide a straightforward, secure way to describe the steps, resources, and other information needed for a computing task.

Once you define a workflow, execution can be as simple as clicking a button using Fuzzball’s intuitive web interface.

Data Where Data Needs to Be 

Fuzzball takes care of moving your data to the best-fit compute resource available. When your workflow is completed, Fuzzball returns the results wherever you need them to be. And you can track the status of your workflows in real time, at a glance, while Fuzzball manages the complex data-in, data-out process, and all the execution in between.


Fuzzball makes it simple to execute common High Performance Computing applications and emerging workloads like artificial intelligence. Fuzzball always finds the best-fit resource available for each part of your workflow, no matter how complex. That way, researchers can spend time doing research and not computer science (unless that’s your thing).



Reduced System Management

Fuzzball means less hands-on effort from system administrative staff, providing more valuable time to focus on planning for the future needs of their users. With dynamic execution, Fuzzball automates the orchestration of software infrastructure. Fuzzball helps manage them like a pool of resources without the need to manage static partitions or disparate systems.

Fast Track to New Architectures

Fuzzball provides flexibility to quickly pivot to the technologies and platforms most advantageous to your mission. This flexibility can be make-or-break in the world of high performance computing. With Fuzzball and CIQ services, you can always take advantage of the latest accelerator or processor feature that can dramatically boost performance.

Grow with Your Needs

Fuzzball puts control of scaling computing in your hands. By providing an automated workflow environment, Fuzzball enables you to expand computing wherever you need it. Simply add compute resources to the pool, such as big memory machines, high core count processors, or more accelerators. Fuzzball will start placing workloads on the new resources. You decide what direction to grow, and Fuzzball helps you see the gains quickly. 

From increasing utilization and value from on-premise resources to placing key work in the cloud, Fuzzball provides the infrastructure that will enable you to take full advantage of a range of solutions without needing to understand all of the underlying technologies.

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