Research Computing Roundtable – Turnkey HPC: Warewulf & OpenHPC

Up next in our Research Computing Roundtable series, our panel of HPC experts will be discussing Turnkey HPC and focusing on Warewulf and OpenHPC.
Don’t miss this exciting and informative live stream!

About Warewulf:
Warewulf is a bare metal, stateless, container based, cluster provisioning solution to facilitate the operating system deployment and manage large quantities of clustered hardware resources.

Being open source for over two decades and pioneering the concept of stateless node management, Warewulf is among the most successful HPC cluster platforms in the industry with support from OpenHPC, contributors worldwide, and usage from every sector.
Today, Warewulf unites the ecosystem with the ability to provision containers directly to the bare metal hardware at a massive scale, simplistically while retaining flexibility.

About OpenHPC:
OpenHPC is a community project under the Linux Foundation and provides HPC-centric build packages.

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